ELectronic Research Funding Information System


ELFI offers information on

  • more than 13,000 programmes on research funding
  • about 5,400 national and international sponsors
  • funding information for about 260 research themes as well as 37 interdisciplinary themes
  • abstracts, target dates, amount of funding,
  • contact persons
  • the link to the original source of information, forms, leaflets etc.
  • regular update
  • individual user profiles to cover a large variety of research interests
  • defining and choosing between different kinds of financial aid (project funding, the support of printing costs etc.)
  • research funding information for students (scholarships, exchange etc.)

To be up-to-date relevant web sites and databases are observed regularly for upcoming news and changes. To provide a preferably broad range of information on research funding ELFI exploits all the notable print and online data such as from the European Union, governmental departments, foundations, business companies as well as from other databases.